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Students and Parents

My Journey

Stay tuned here for details on the next My Journey college and career planning event for students and parents. Meanwhile, get access to our exclusive video content, tools, tips, and resources!

Higher Education

Enrollment Management Summit

Experience new and innovative content geared toward helping institutions confront their immense, mounting, and ever-changing enrollment challenges. 

July 17-19, 2023

K-12 Professionals

College and Career Readiness Workshops

Attend a College and Career Readiness Workshop to learn more about the programs and services that jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 offers to help you ensure your students are on the right path.

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Summit

Network and collaborate with fellow educators, workforce and economic developers, employers, jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 Work Ready Community leaders, human resource specialists, and industry partners at this annual event.


jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 State Organizations Event Calendar

jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 State Organizations provides opportunities for diverse groups of education and workplace professionals to connect, allowing ideas and issues to intersect as members learn from one another and unify in purpose. 

2023 Kansas and Missouri jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 Conference

Gain new perspectives, expand your knowledge, and find solutions to problems facing the education and workforce landscape.

September 12, 2023

2023 Ohio River Valley jdb夺宝试玩-jdb夺宝游戏试玩(电子)有限公司-天眼查 Conference

Exciting professional development opportunity to gain new perspectives, and expand your knowledge around education and workforce. 

November 2, 2023